Mini Dumpy Bag

Your choice of ready-to-use, peat free, nutrient rich Soil Conditioner, Fertile Mulch or Organic Green Compost.

  • 450 Litre dumpy bags.
  • FREE Delivery
  • Approximately 200-250kg depending on moisture content.
  • Wrapped and palletised, curb-side delivery.


We specialise in producing high quality, all-natural soil conditioners and composts, from locally sourced horse manure and green waste, which is then produced and packaged on site. All our products go through an extensive maturation and composting process to ensure the best possible finished product, ready to be distributed to our gardening loving customers.


Please note, KERBSIDE DELIVERY ONLY. Once your delivery day has been agreed it is the customers responsibility to take delivery. In the event that the customer is not present and the courier has to take the delivery away, it is up to the customer to rearrange with the courier to re-deliver at the customers expense.


*While all practical measures are taken to remove foreign matter such as metal, glass and plastic, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of all extraneous material*


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Organic Green, Fertile Mulch, Soil Conditioner, Topsoil


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