Why choose Organic Peat Free Compost?

Why peat free compost? Equigrow’s Environmental Stance Here at Equigrow we strongly believe that if we look after the environment together, the environment will look after us, and this is why all our products are completely and 100% peat free. With this being the building block to our business’ product range we make a conscientious […]

Organic Green Compost

Our organic green compost is composted of green waste from council transfer stations and amenity sites, which is brought to our farm and shredded in to 70mm pieces and put into windrows. The windrows are then monitored daily for temperature, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and moisture levels. The windrows are turned on a weekly basis, which […]

Fertile Mulch

Our fertile mulch goes through a similar process and consists predominantly of horse manure and wood shavings. The manure is heaped up and turned at regular intervals until it is dark brown in colour, at which time it is ready for bagging or distribution. This process takes approximately six months.

Soil Conditioner

Our soil conditioner consists of horse manure, straw, and a minimal amount of wood shavings, which helps to aerate the compost. The manure is collected daily from stable yards in the local area and brought to our farm where it is processed and turned regularly, allowing oxygen to permeate through. This creates heat, which kills […]