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Why choose Organic Peat Free Compost?

Why peat free compost?

Equigrow’s Environmental Stance

Here at Equigrow we strongly believe that if we look after the environment together, the environment will look after us, and this is why all our products are completely and 100% peat free. With this being the building block to our business’ product range we make a conscientious effort to source all of our material for our products locally with the aim to reduce our carbon foot print from the very start of the products life cycle.

What is Peat Free Compost and why should we avoid Peat?

Peatlands are naturally boggy areas that provide invaluable ecosystems for the likes of animals insects and plants. Peatlands, now more than ever, need to be conserved as they play a part in storing carbon and, therefore, reducing greenhouse gas levels. Within the world we have 10 billion acres of peat bogs, which are currently holding more carbon than the entire world’s forests combined (acre for acre). At present, a devastating 80 percent of our peatland bogs are damaged, and this damage is not easily fixed. It takes around 100 years to regenerate 10cm of peatland bog, therefore making it even more important to choose a peat free alternative when shopping for composts, mulch or soil conditioners.

Keeping peat in bogs and out of compost bags will play a prevalent part in the battle against climate change for the future generations. The process of peatland removal for the use in products causes the release of carbon. This process not only contributes to greenhouse gas release but also to the destruction of ecosystems and habitats. We encourage you to consider what products you use on your garden and opt for a PEAT FREE option like Equigrow.

Why use Equigrow?

As mentioned above, peatlands store carbon. The removal of peat encourages carbon release in the form of greenhouse gas; carbon dioxide. As well as this, there is the destruction of the natural environment and habitat. At Equigrow all our products are peat free. We encourage the recycling of materials and in our case these are; manure and PAS 100 compost derived from green waste. This process encourages essential nutrient recirculation back into the ground, by taking these materials and creating our product range, which feeds gardens in a sustainable manner.  It allows for us to responsibly promote the use of PEAT FREE compost, mulch and soil conditioners.

Who is promoting peat free compost?

There has been a lot of publicity recently over avoiding the use of peat products we are purchasing. You may have seen the promotion of peat free compost on BBC Two’s Gardeners world, ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and on the RHS. Peat free products should state on their bag if they are peat free, so ensure to double check next time you are looking for some compost, mulch or soil conditioners to go for the peat free option. You can also order directly to your door through our website. Our goal is if we can inform and educate each other on responsible choices within gardening, we can each play a part in combating climate change step by step. As they say its a lot of small steps which can make a big difference!


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